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Dare to dream

"What could you take, what dimension of being lost? Of abandonment of your power, what dimension of that could you stand?"

Let go of time

When we let go of time we live in the moment. Not a moment in time, THE MOMENT. The only one there is. In that moment, the associations you had with the past or with the future become observations rather than connections. Once disconnected, you're free to observe and process where you are fully, without obstruction.

Taking a chi break

Being aware of what drains us and where we get our energy from creates a profound change in our lives.

Bonobo - Ibrik

Google Stadia

Google just trod on xbox and playstation in one go.


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Malawi Tea

One of Malawi's biggest exports is Tea. With such a consistent climate it can be grown all year round. This video captures the beauty of the fields and the process of picking.

Pilot & Camera Operator: Rich Garner

Camera Operator: Toby Richards

Mumbo & Jumbo Island

In the middle of the Lake of stars, Malawi lies the paradise of Mumbo Island.

Pilot: Rich Garner

Camera Operator: Toby Richards

Red Sand Sea Forts

Both moody and inspiring, this video shows the breadth of aerial footage behind the Award winning Brand documentary - Field trips Ep1: Paul White. The documentary for Shure microphones, follows Paul on a day trip to the Red Sand Sea forts in the Thames Estuary, right at the moment where the river meets the sea. Pilot: Ben Camera Operator: Rich Garner

Tanzania Terminal 3

A rare opportunity to see an Airport Terminal in construction. As Tanzania expands as an International destination it needs an airport Terminal to match it's aspirations. Welcome to Terminal 3!

Pilot & Camera Operator: Richard Garner

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Coaching & Consultancy

Core Strategy

Do you really believe in your own business strategy? Is it working for you?

Refreshing your business strategy by refocussing on your core goals can shift your business from zero to hero.

Protect yourself

Have you found yourself somewhere you don't want to be? Are you stuck on something and can't move past it?

The secret can be in the way you talk... to yourself. Wan't to know more?


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